Getting started with Excel VBA, Arrays, Conditional statements, Ranges and Cells , Named Ranges, Merged Cells / Ranges, Locating duplicate values in a range. Mastering Excel VBA and Machine Learning: A Complete, Step-by-Step Guide EXCEL VBA PROGRAMMING: This Book Includes:: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. This easy to read book will not only help you with the step-by-step guide to learn Excel but also help you learn the use of Visual Basic in an updated Microsoft.

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    Excel Visual Basic Book

    He has simplified VBA and its instructions or macro to the fullest in this book. Even if you are an absolute starter even then this book can help you excel in. The ladder of three books that I recommend: 1. If you know Excel but have never programmed: Excel VBA & Macros by Syrstad & Jelen. Chapter 1 Visual Basic for Applications with Excel vi. . Book topics range from portfolio management to e-commerce, risk man- agement. Review of .

    Kawser April 25, 5 comments Do you often find yourself, doing repetitive tasks over and over again in Excel and wishing that somehow, someway these tasks could be automated? Well, the good news is that these tasks can be automated using macros. What are macros? Well simply put, they are small concise pieces of VBA code that allows one to automate tasks. What is VBA you ask? Well VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, a programming language native to the Office environment that allows one to extend the functionality of Office. VBA is quite a versatile language and you can use it to create macros, manipulate values in cells, and open and create workbooks among other things. download Professional Excel Development from site Simple macros can be recorded, however without ever engaging with the Visual Basic environment extensively. The macro recorder functionality is also a good assistant with respect to learning VBA code. So why start learning about macros, well it helps with learning programming concepts in addition to increasing your functionality in Excel and Office.

    download it from site. Second on my list is yet another book by Mr Spreadsheet. The books makes it easy to learn VBA and skip the more techy bits with explicit call-outs from the author marking fragments of the book as either Tips, Remember s , Technical Stuff or Warnings. I think the book is a great take on learning Visual Basic for Applications it is almost as comprehensive as the previous above, however, I expected more visual appeal, here and there the handbook misses screenshot and other visuals that would make the read more appealing.

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    Nevertheless, it is a great reference in case you forget how to do this or that. Microsoft Excel MrExcel Library. This book is worth reading if you want to quick start yourself into writing Excel VBA macros and automations by jumping right in with ready code examples.

    The book is shorter than the previous 2 above although priced similarly. What I really liked is the amount of images and code examples.

    Top 3 Best Excel VBA Books | Recommended VBA Books

    You really learn by doing in this book. The downsides I think are that the book might be harder to comprehend for total beginner programmers. If you have some experience in VBA or other languages go for it, however, consider another read if you want to really understand the basics. Although there are tons of other Excel VBA books out there I decided to just go for the top 3 from the ones I am familiar with.

    As closing notes, remember — learning by doing is the best approach.

    So before you download a book I encourage you first to open up the VBA Developer tab and start by Recording a few macros.

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    Here the name is the name you want to assign to your program. While sub stands for a subroutine which we will learn in the later part of the tutorial.

    Excel Vba Books

    Sub name. The entered name is then stored in the name variable. Your complete code window should now look as follows Close the code window Right click on button 1 and select edit text Enter Say hello You will get the following input box Enter your name i. Jordan You will get the following message box Congratulations, you just created your first VBA program in excel Step by step example of creating a simple EMI calculator in Excel In this tutorial exercise, we are going to create a simple program that calculates the EMI.

    It's the monthly amount that you repay when you get a loan.

    The following image shows the formula for calculating EMI. The above formula is complex and can be written in excel.

    Free Excel VBA Book

    The good news is excel already took care of the above problem. You can use the PMT function to compute the above. It's the interest rate divided by the number of payments per year "nper" it is the total number of payments.

    It's the loan term multiplied by number of payments per year "pv" present value.

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